About Us

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of young engineers, aged 14-15, from The Kings School Worcester, UK. Our journey commenced in September when we first got introduced of this competition, thanks to our teacher, Mr. Lummas. It was then that we came together as a team, sparking the creative process to brainstorm ideas for our branding. Eventually, we settled on the name Prism Racing and designed our logo. Fuelled by our shared ambition for this competition, we have dedicated numerous hours for almost 6 months to the intricate process of designing, testing, and refining our miniature racing machine.

Beyond the realm of engineering, this competition has imparted valuable life skills to us, emphasizing the significance of teamwork. With high hopes, we aspire to progress as far as the national level and, who knows, even further.

To learn more about us individually see our blog:

Our Promotional Video of Our Car!