• National Finals

    Last week, our team had the opportunity to compete in the F1 in Schools National Finals. It was a whirlwind of excitement and unforgettable moments that will stay with us forever. The experience was invaluable. Months of hard work, dedication, and late nights perfecting our mini F1 cars had prepared us for this prestigious event.…

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  • Regional Final Winners!

    What a day at Aston University! The team at Prism Racing were thrilled to take home 1st place in the professional class, with the fastest reaction time and fastest car too. It was truly a sensational and exciting day for all of us and a day we won’t forget. We all agreed that the hard…

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  • Hi, I’m Lucas

    Hi, I’m Lucas and my role in the team is to decide how the car will be manufactured and put together to be as light and aerodynamic, therefore fast as possible. I have a big interest in engineering, cars and aerodynamics! I am thrilled to be part of such an amazing team!

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  • Hi, I’m Arthur

    Hello, my name is Arthur and I am the design engineer for Prism Racing. I am responsible for the sketches, 3d models and designing.

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  • We changed our name!

    We had many name ideas from Legion all the way to Velivelent Racing. However, we really liked the name Flash Drive Racing. It was only a few days later we realised that it wasn’t the brand we wanted to represent and we went back to the drawing board to think of new ideas for the…

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  • Hi, I’m Aron

    I am the creator of this website and my role in the team is the sponsoring and marketing side. My role also involves creating all the promotional products for this website. You can buy some of it on this website! I’m very excited for the future of this website and I can’t wait to hopefully…

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  • Hi, I’m Ethan

    Hello, I am the Project Manager of Prism and the general team leader. I have a deep interest in Automobiles and manufacturing, inspired by my father who is an mechanical engineer. This project is an opportunity to demonstrate our teamwork, leadership and overall, a great experience and a stepping stone into the automobile industry. Contact…

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  • Hi, I’m Will

    I am a 3D animator and 3D modeller. I love testing the limits of my abilities so I can improve and exponentially grow! Joining this Team Prism allows me to explore more aspects of manufacturing and creating. I am so excited to see how this journey will unfold. See you on the track!!!!!!!!

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  • Hello world!

    Introducing Prism Racing – the elite team of 5 students from The Kings School Worcester competing for the 2024 F1 in Schools Competition. This will be our website where we will keep you guys up to date on our latest improvements and milestones on the car build.

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